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The Stewards are nominated by the Pastor in charge and are submitted for confirmation at the Quarterly Conference. To be qualified for this office, one must be of solid piety, know and love the Word of God, the AME Church doctrine, and “The Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church”. He/She must be fruitful and of good natural or acquired ability to transact the spiritual and temporal business of the church. They seek out the needy and distressed in order to relieve and comfort them.

2012 – 2013 Conference Year

Bro. Alan Langham

Bro. Charles Pelote

Sis.  Beatrice Jones

Bro. Steven Jones

Bro. Curtis Pearson

Sis. Monica Jacobs

Sis.  Phyllis Horsely

Steward Emeritus  Bro. Vance Harding

Sis.  Sarah Blakeney

Steward Emeritus Sis. Laverne Kimbrough

Sis.  Ann Willis

Steward Emeritus Sis. Pauline Cain

Sis. Renee Callendar

Bro. Samuel O’Bryant – Vice Chair

The Trustees manage all the temporal concerns of the church not otherwise provided for and have a treasurer elected by the Board. They guard for the Connection all real estate, churches, parsonages, schools and any other property obtained by the local church.

20012 – 2013 Conference Year

Trustee Emeritus -Bro. Oswald Pritchard

Bro. Melvin Santos -Vice Chair

Bro. Derwin Cain

Sis. Mildred Pelote

Bro. Isiah George

Bro. Ray Brown

Bro. Julius Chisholm

Sis. Roberta Young

Bro. Larry Cosum

Bro. Ronald Richardson

Bro. Malcom Marshall

Bro. Stanley Baden

Sis. Claudette Bailey

Bro. Warren Blake

Sis. Hermeania Payne-Austin

Bro Rickey Troupe

Bro. Michael Brooks

Bro. Bobby Young

The Stewardesses are nominated by the Pastor in charge.  The Pastor may nominate one or more Boards of Stewardesses. The persons nominated shall be in good and regular standing in the local church and of good character. The stewardesses are to assist the steward in the discharge of their duties relative to the ritual of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. They also provide the implements and elements of the Holy Communion and Holy Baptism.

Stewardess  Board Advisor –
Rev. Frances Jeanette Curvan


Stewardess Board #1

President Sis. Toni Brooks

Stewardess Board #2

President Sis. Alberta Griiffin

Stewardess Board #3

President Sis. Queen Thompson

The Deaconess Board shall be set apart and consecrated by the Bishop of the District after the selection by the Pastor and Official Board. The duties of the Deaconess is  to encourage, foster and improve the general interests of the church. Promote the comfort and solicit the friendship and sympathy of the general public.

Deaconess Board


Sis. Lucille Johnson

Sis. Pearly Groom